Bagby Park Map

Bagby Park Map

1. Open Lawn

The Open Lawn is a beautifully manicured area that serves as a location for Park events and recreational activities. The MIDTOWN letter art landmark and downtown skyline is best viewed from the Open Lawn.

2. Stage

This stage hosts a variety of performances throughout the year. Concerts, theater, and dance performances take place on the stage with audiences spread out across the Open Lawn. Views of the downtown skyline and MIDTOWN letter art piece form a backdrop for this active spot.

3. Midtown Letters

These 10 foot tall distinctive letters symbolize the community and have developed a popular identity by providing an artistic landmark for visitors and iconic background for performances.

4. Rico’s Morning + Noon + Night Kiosk

A great place to relax in the shade, Rico’s is a quick-service kiosk that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and, on the weekends, late night eats. Named after Cyclone Anaya’s founder Rico Valencia, the restaurant serves a menu of classic American cuisine such as burgers, milkshakes, fries, and drinks developed by chef Jason Gould.

5. Picnic Tables

Picnic tables offer visitors a shady spot to enjoy a nice meal, gather with friends and enjoy the Park. Surrounding the large oaks are wood seating platforms allowing Park users to view performances in the Open Lawn or on Stage, watch bocce, or simply relax under the trees.

6. Bocce

The Bocce Court is an area where Park-goers of all ages can enjoy a leisurely game of bocce. Bocce is a game of Italian origin, similar to lawn bowling, played on a long gravel court. Bring your own bocce ball set or rent one from Rico’s Morning + Noon + Night.

7. Water Feature

Inspired by the backwater bayous of Harris County, this unique water and fog feature provides a place of respite with seating and sounds of splashing water.

8. Dog Park

The 5,000 square foot dog park is a place for dog owners to unleash their four-legged friends and enjoy the park’s shaded hangouts.

9. Art Piece

Three uniquely branded MIDTOWN pillars create the southeastern entrance into the Park and notify visitors that they are in the Midtown neighborhood.

10. Bus Stop

The bus stop at the corner of Bagby and Gray Streets features a comfortable custom Midtown bench for passengers to relax while they wait for the Metro bus.

11. Planted Areas

Linear gardens define the edges of Park, providing for seasonal interest and large trees for shade.