A new vision for Midtown parks and public spaces

We owe a huge thank you to everyone who responded to our request for input about Midtown Houston parks and public spaces. Your voices helped craft new goals, strategies, and recommendations that will inform our spending on parks and public spaces for the next decade.

The first Midtown Parks and Public Space Master Plan debuted over 10 years ago. Now that all the public input is in, the Midtown Redevelopment Authority is thrilled to introduce the 2023 Midtown Parks and Public Space Master Plan—a game-changing blueprint that places parks, public spaces, and active mobility at the forefront of our decision-making for public improvements. The new plan marks the first time public spaces have been included with parks in the plan, acknowledging the increasing value of streets in providing essential health, social, and recreational benefits. Picture a Midtown that is not just a place to live, but a citywide destination where work, play, and life come together in perfect harmony.

Charting a Course with Goals

Your opinions provided through surveys, social media, and meetings were loud and clear – accessible parks and recreational hubs within walking distance of homes and employment centers must be a priority, supported by a whopping 93.2 percent of respondents to a 2022 public survey. Just as compelling is that 88.5 percent of you championed pedestrian and bike connections.

Getting there boils down to five core goals: 


  • Destination Quality: Enhance Midtown Houston as a seamless blend of living, working, and recreational spaces.
  • Resilience & Maintenance: Construct park and public space infrastructure to endure for generations to come.
  • Culture & Innovation: Provide programming that reflects Midtown’s unique spirit of innovation and culture.
  • Health & Wellness: Facilitate a healthier, happier community through easy access to parks, public spaces, and cultural gems.
  • Equitable Access: Broaden access to our parks and public spaces, making them available to all.

Turning ideas into reality

The 2023 Midtown Parks and Public Space Master Plan is a carefully planned voyage from inception to execution. We have meticulously ranked streets for upgrades and scrutinized park programming, creating a heat map showing areas needing programming diversity. Community engagement is at the heart of every step because it is your community, your vision, and your story.

Action, Implementation, and Collaboration

We are not just dreaming big; we are making things happen. This master plan is a roadmap to success, with actionable steps fueled by collaborations between public, private, and community organizations. 

Read the 2023 Midtown Parks and Public Space Master Plan here. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out this transformative plan.