4 Ways to Shop Local with Ease in Midtown Houston

Shopping local is a fantastic opportunity to get out in the community while treating yourself to something new.

Increased residential units, large green spaces to freshen the cityscape and more public transportation options make Midtown Houston an ideal destination to shop, live and build a life. There are also a multitude of local businesses you’ll want to try.

Pamper Yourself

Wanting to change things up with your hairstyle – cut a little shorter, add some bangs or try out a stripe of color? Nothing is off the table at Kat’s Meow Salon (3622 Main St f.) in Mid-Main. Retro ambience meets vintage and modern hair fashion that allows patrons to try out anything from ‘nostalgic’ locks to the latest and greatest styles.

Innovate and Collaborate

Work is better with a community of like-minded individuals surrounding you. That’s why we love Wicowork (2502 La Branch St.) and think you will too. Their collaborative lifestyle is centered on both shared and private spaces in a beautiful ‘home-y’ building with modern appliances and attractive furnishings.

Get Your Grub On

Poke is all the rage for foodies who love delicious, high quality fish and tasty ingredients. Diced Poke (917 Winbern St. suite a) was featured in Yelp’s 2019 Top 100 Places to Eat, which tells you something about how happy people are to eat there. They have poke bowls, pokkiritos and even acai bowls for dessert. Try the spicy salmon or yuzu yellowtail to satisfy your tastebuds.

Sip and Lounge

Enjoy crafted cocktails at Houston’s oldest bar, Leon’s Lounge, (1006 McGowen St.) on McGowen Street. Since 1947, this cozy establishment has been serving up vinyl tunes in a ‘hidden alleway’ setting that will transport you back to the 50s as you drink with friends.


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