Midtown Management District

Who we are

The Midtown Management District (MMD) was created in 1999 by the 76th Texas Legislature in House Bill 2894, and began providing services under the Service Plan October 1, 2000. The land included within the District was a mixed-use urban area in need of revitalization and redevelopment. Revitalization efforts for the area were begun by the City and the Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA). In order to take advantage of the momentum created and to expand revitalization efforts, representatives of businesses and residents in the area joined together to initiate the creation of MMD as a special financing District.

MMD has 17 Directors who are recommended by the Board of Directors and then appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Board members must be Midtown Houston residents, property owners, or agents of property owners. The Board is responsible for approving and monitoring the programs undertaken by MMD.

What we do

MMD provides several valuable services to the neighborhood, which enhance the efforts of the MRA. The main function of the MMD is to create a safer environment by providing additional contracted law enforcement; serve as an advocate for constituents to ensure their concerns are made known and addressed; develop community based events and projects to assist in attracting more residents, businesses, and investments; and work diligently to encourage interaction between residents and businesses to continuously enhance Midtown Houston.

Some of MMD’s projects include:

  • Providing additional law enforcement presence through the use of Harris County Contract Deputy Constables, S.E.A.L. Security Solutions, LLC, and off-duty Houston Police Officers to provide increased patrolling services, including periodic bicycle patrols
  • Providing graffiti abatement services in the public rights of way
  • Purchasing new playground equipment for use in Elizabeth Baldwin Park
  • Increasing walkability by clearly marking pedestrian zones
  • Providing post-Hurricane Ike emergency disaster cleanup
  • Providing care and maintenance of existing trees and planting of new trees
  • Working with the Authority to incorporate art into the design of pedestrian enhancements
  • Securing a State of Texas Cultural Arts and Entertainment District designation for Midtown Houston
  • Developing and hosting community based arts events such as festivals and park programming
  • Developing various media assets to inform the Midtown Houston community and promote Midtown Houston businesses
  • Maintaining certain infrastructure enhancements in parks and other public spaces
  • Informing the general public of the positive aspects of living and doing business in Midtown Houston

Mission Statement: Midtown Houston strives to provide an economically vibrant urban destination where arts and culture thrive alongside businesses and residents in a safe, active, diverse neighborhood.