Apartment Living Spotlight: Why We Love Midtown’s Pearl on Smith St.


One simple way to assess a neighborhood’s livability is by the mix of residential and public spaces. This week, we’re placing the spotlight on Pearl Midtown, an apartment complex that embodies everything we hold dear about Midtown Houston: convenience, vibrancy and quality.

Here’s why we’re currently “crushing” on this modern, gorgeous development:

  1. Convenience in Midtown Houston

Pearl’s got all you could want in a Midtown Houston residence, including ease of access to transportation. One feature we consistently champion about the area is walkability. There’s also the benefit of Interstate I-45 being a hop and a skip away. Not to mention you can find a variety of food and entertainment options within a few minutes from your home.

  1. Vibrancy in Midtown Houston

Midtown Houston’s appeal is that it’s a place you can go to interact with the world. There’s always an event happening, whether that be community bike rides and pet-friendly happy hour’s or themed markets. Pearl lets you live in the midst of this festive environment. You won’t have to pass over new experiences because of distance or hassle. You’ll simply step outside your door.

  1. Quality in Midtown Houston

Pearl’s amenities are a perfect complement to the outdoor beauty of Midtown Houston. The apartment complex is designed to give you a peaceful respite from excitement beyond its walls, yet it also provides many opportunities for social engagement and interaction. Splash in the pool or lounge around the terraces, fully taking advantage of this Houston oasis.
What features do you prize when searching for a new living space?