Business Spotlight: Three New Places to Shop, Get Fit, and Style Your Hair in Midtown Houston

(Photo via TITLE Boxing Club Midtown Houston)

Change keeps our area lively, supports the local economy, introduces more jobs and inspires unexpected experiences. These three businesses have just opened and are already adding value to the area. Have a look, stop by and show them some Midtown love:

Spotlighting Three New Midtown Houston Businesses

  1. Bishops – Haircuts and Color

Bishops will make you look good and feel good too, as they are all about celebrating differences. They have a straightforward menu of hair styling services that will appeal to men and women alike.

A short cut starts at $29, color starts at $60, and a deluxe shave is $30. Bishops also has other locations around the country and is proudly women and minority owned.

  1. Verizon Wireless – Phones

A phone is a serious purchase, one you should only make after holding your prospective ‘smart’ device in your hands and getting a feel for it first. You can now browse options at the number one network in Houston. This store is conveniently located on Fannin St.

  1. TITLE Boxing Club – Fitness

TITLE Boxing Club is the real deal of intense fitness. They offer full-body boxing workouts, kickboxing and technique training with their experienced trainers. Get a jump on their founding member deal, where you’ll receive $20 off your monthly membership and other cool swag.

One of the best ways to embrace a healthy lifestyle and fully commit to working out is to make it fun. Consider taking up a new hobby at this no-nonsense gym to build your confidence and your muscles. You can even get your first class, involving a warm up, rounds of punching and kicking, active rest, and a core and cool down portion, for free.

Midtown Houston is always growing and adding new businesses to the community, and we’re keeping tabs on the new and exciting spots in the district. Give us a shout out @midtownHOU when you welcome Bishops, Verizon, and TITLE Boxing Club to the Midtown Houston community!