Call for Artists: Five Reasons to Join Us at Art in the Park


Every year, for one day in April, Elizabeth Baldwin Park (1701 Elgin St.) is transformed into a vibrant art festival where visitors can explore artworks and buy pieces directly from the artists. For 2020, we’re looking forward to our biggest event yet, with 3,000 visitors expected. While there are countless reasons to be a part of Art in the Park on April 4, these are our top five:

1. Location, Location, Location

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better spot to showcase and sell your creative work. Beautiful, tree-lined Elizabeth Baldwin Park is right on the edge of Midtown Houston– in an area celebrated for its colorful murals and walkability.

2. Exposure- See and Be Seen

In addition to exposure to the 3,000 Art in the Park visitors, you’ll have potential press opportunities leading up to the event. What’s more, you and your work will be visible to Midtown’s digital audience of more than 30,000 users.

3. Inspiration– Give Some, Get Some

Houston’s burgeoning arts scene is filled with artisans from across a variety of disciplines. When you participate in Art in the Park, you get the chance to inspire and be inspired by your fellow makers, creatives, and artisans.

4. Networking– Make Meaningful Connections

Connecting with other small business owners and artists is a wonderful way to learn, collaborate, and grow as an artist and a business owner. Who knows what doors may open with the connections you’ll make?

5. Storytelling– Selling your Art through Story

While your art may speak for itself, you probably have a story to tell that visitors would love to hear. A face-to-face experience with the artist is likely to boost your sales dramatically. People love to know the story behind a piece that they buy– they’ll retell it again and again, and your reach will grow through word of mouth.