Houston Academy for International Studies

Four Reasons to Consider Houston Academy for International Studies for Your Teen’s Education in Midtown Houston


The value of an excellent high school education is immeasurable. It develops a young adult’s self-confidence, worldliness, intelligence and determination.

We’re proud to count Houston Academy for International Studies (HAIS) as Midtown Houston’s only public school in the district. HAIS provides exceptional, individualized learning in an environment geared towards promoting global citizenship and college preparation.

In a message to the community, HAIS’ principle Melissa Jacobs stated that her time in the Peace Corps inspired her to provide a broad perspective to students at an earlier age. HAIS students travel to a wide variety of foreign countries like China and Belize before graduation. Equally impressive is the fact that they usually graduate with 30 hours of college credit.

As a magnet, early college high school, HAIS is designed to make it easier for students to transition successfully into the next phase of their lives.

Here are four reasons why parents and students should consider HAIS:

  1. Academic Rigor

HAIS is a school that places academic rigor at the top of their values. Their instructional philosophy stems from a belief that students are capable of mastering challenging material under supportive conditions.

  1. College Preparation

HAIS students are able to take multiple AP classes and even acquire an Associate’s Degree before they graduate. They can also choose from electives that will prepare them for post-secondary education, such as Global Business and Concepts of Engineering.

  1. Global Perspective

HAIS’ course curriculum is integrated with global studies. Students gain a four-year proficiency in one other language, whether that be Spanish, French or Chinese. Educators emphasize diversity and considering multiple perspectives.

HAIS is also part of the Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network (ISSN). ISSN students are exposed to how international cultures shape our world. They also participate in international travel to give them direct interactions with others.

  1. Small Environment

What makes HAIS special is that students are given the support of a small, personalized learning environment. This means they won’t be lost in the education system and their specific needs will be addressed.

HAIS is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Click here for more information.