Get Rooted in Urban Gardening in Midtown Houston


Urban gardening is a mutually beneficial endeavor for gardeners of all experience levels in the Midtown Houston community. Gardening itself is supremely rewarding as you witness a seed or sprout transform and for Midtown Houston residents, flourishing green spaces offer an unexpected change of scenery, without having to leave the city.

You can start with a houseplant or a few pots on your balcony, then as the gardening bug gets you, transition to a larger space such as Chenevert Urban Gardens at 2503 Chenevert St. They’re a local nonprofit green space with raised bed garden plots. Here’s what Chenevert has to offer:

Grow Your Own Veg at Midtown Houston’s Chenevert Urban Garden

A vegetable you’ve grown yourself is worth its weight in gold. In this way, gardening can introduce you to a world of new flavors, better produce quality and the pleasures of an outdoor activity.

Chenevert Urban Gardens has been around since 2014 and was created so that the Midtown Houston community could learn about and practice gardening. They have 30 allotment gardens, an herb garden, fruit trees, a tool shed, a children’s teaching garden and a community gathering area.

Depending on availability, Chenevert offers garden memberships with full or half plots. They provide education on best gardening tips, as well as a positive spirit. The nonprofit aspect of the garden is devoted to transforming unused lots into beautiful and productive spaces where the people of Midtown Houston can gather.

Gardening in the city will give you a new perspective on the natural world. Just because you’re surrounded by buildings and bustle, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to nutritious greens and a cost-effective organic lifestyle.

Check out Chenevert Urban Gardens on Facebook for smile-inducing pictures of their flowers, trees and vegetables.