Get Your Arts and Cultural Fix in Midtown Houston

Photo: Elizabeth Conley, Chronicle

Midtown Houston is home to dozens of thriving arts and culture experiences, from music venues and public art to historic architecture and stunning museum collections. It’s a lot to wrap your head around, so we created a guide to the area’s art, parks, best dining spots and more.

Because of Midtown Houston’s wealth of artistry, it was designated a State of Texas Cultural Arts and Entertainment District. This recognition is a point of pride in the community, not to mention the fact that it is economically rewarding.

Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of Midtown Houston’s artistic side:

Get the Most Out of Midtown Houston’s Art & Culture Scene

Midtown Houston has more than 40 venues and 90 art organizations for you to explore. We love places like Harambee Art Gallery for eco-conscious beauty and Station Museum of Contemporary Art for thought provoking pieces.

One of our favorite ways to spend a day is by going to Diverseworks for performances or exhibitions from this ‘cultural agitator,’ stopping over at bustling the breakfast klub for brunch and then finally ending the outing with contemplation at Zoya Tommy Gallery.

Sometimes you want an art experience without using up an entire day. That’s where Midtown Murals shine. We love our outdoor public art because it gives us a taste of meaning and beauty when we need it.

The crown jewel of Midtown Houston’s art-centric commitment is Midtown Park. The recently opened park is a cultural destination where you can find events, performances, public art and greenery. The gateway into the park from the southeast showcases a 16-foot-tall mural called “Wild Wonderland” that depicts Houston’s flora and fauna by noted mosaic artist Dixie Friend Gay. In the park playground area, guests can climb “Tall Ma” or take a seat on “Little Ricky,” created by sculptor Sharon Engelstein.

What have you been missing in this vibrant scene?