Get your Roll on in Midtown Houston


In the past few months, Houstonians have been rediscovering the simple joys of getting outside to visit parks, see public art and explore the city on two wheels. In the month of March alone, there were 1,400 BCycle rentals from our nine stations in Midtown Houston. We proudly tout a variety of options for getting around on foot, bike and public transportation and here’s how we’re working to keep you safely connected and active:

New bike lanes- You may have noticed those freshly painted, green lanes on Gray St., but we’re happy to share that there’s more to come. A safe, comfortable two-way bikeway is soon to be installed on Gray St. between the Columbia Tap Trail and Bagby St. This dedicated roadway will offer greater connection and safety for the cyclists of the city. Soon you can expect traffic stops with bicycle signals, signs and pavement markings specifically designed for cyclists. 

Art at every turn- There are few better ways to truly see a city, than on a bike. Earlier this year, we announced the completion of our art park, fulfilling an initiative that began in 2017, when Midtown Park officially opened to the public. Since then, we’ve invested $2 million in public art installations, with the two most recent works of art finalized in the February of this year. Visit the park to experience a fusion of art with nature that’s reflected in every installation. There’s a BCycle station conveniently located at the park in case you want to start your art tour there. 

See the city- If distance biking isn’t your thing, consider a hybrid adventure combining biking and riding the MetroRail to take in new sights. In Midtown there are three rail stops total, easily connecting you to Downtown Houston and the Museum District. At just $1.25 a ride with 23 miles to explore, it’s the best deal in town for a full day of getting around on foot. 

Whether you’re just going a few blocks, running an errand or heading out with friends, there’s no excuse not to enlist the help of your trusty steed. So grab your mask, strap on your helmet and meet us outdoors.Click here for the latest information on all things biking in Houston.