How to Plan Your Dream Outdoor Wedding in Midtown Houston


If you got engaged over the holidays, congrats and well wishes! The spirit of this family-filled time often brings unparalleled joy and makes for a beautiful winter proposal.

As you explore the possibilities available to you in the new year, consider Midtown Houston for your future nuptials.

A Charmed Midtown Houston Wedding

Midtown Houston’s three outdoor spaces – Midtown Park, Bagby Park and Elizabeth Baldwin Park – are fantastic spots to tie the knot. Each has its own particular energy and appeal: The distinctive trees at Bagby Park. The quaint simplicity of Elizabeth Glover Park. The grand, modern green appeal of Midtown Park.

There are many perks to getting married in these parks. For one thing, they’re incredibly affordable. You have the ability to design your set-up and decor however you’d like, surrounded by the pleasing sight of greenery. If family and friends live close by, it’s also much easier to make sure all your loved ones can be present.  

Bucking Traditional Marriage Venues  

You may be having no trouble envisioning the kiss that seals the deal. But you’re probably wondering, where to next?

The wedding reception is no less important than the location where you say your vows. Midtown Houston has many venues where you can host an untraditional event that will delight guests.

There’s Nouveau Antique Art Venue, just across the street from Midtown Park. It boasts a collection of dazzling reproduction Tiffany lamps and antique furniture. Or MATCH Theater, for those with a flair for the dramatic. Picture yourself against the shine of its industrial backdrop.

The classic romantic might be more inclined toward Sable Gate Winery. Blend your own personal vintage to commemorate the occasion and share your first drink as newlyweds.

We hope you have a blast planning the perfect day. Cheers to a marvelous engagement!