Join A Summer Oasis of Flowers and Vegetables at Midtown Houston’s Chenevert Urban Gardens


Sometimes you need to get away from the stone and metal bustle of the city without truly leaving it. Midtown Houston’s Chenevert Urban Gardens at 2503 Chenevert Street is a nonprofit community green space where locals can engage in the satisfying work of gardening.

Flowers and Vegetables Flourish at Midtown Houston’s Chenevert Urban Gardens

Gardening is an outdoor activity that nourishes the mind while getting the body moving. It’s also a great social outlet for those who wish to unite over shared interests.

Gardeners at Chenevert have seen their initial efforts grow into tall plots of vegetables and flowers. They harvest nutrient-dense veggies like sweet potatoes, Chinese long beans, basil, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, pepper and even gourds. The results are fresh ingredients that can turn into rich salads and entrees.

There are many possibilities for what to plant and how much to plant based on the size of the plot or the gardener’s preferences. Then, it’s a matter of carefully tending to the process of seeds sprouting and flowers blossoming.

Adding a Touch of Green to Houston’s Urban Environment

Chenevert Urban Gardens has transformed limited space into a blooming oasis where the community can gather for earthy inspiration. Over the course of three years, it has developed into a shared environment with twenty-six out of thirty completed gardens.

Anyone with an interest in gardening can request to join depending on waitlist availability. No experience is required. Fellow gardeners are available to help out new members of this close-knit group.

Gardening in Midtown Houston is the perfect opportunity to meet neighbors and share information for a safer community. It encourages peace and tranquility, allowing gardeners to escape into a welcoming atmosphere or mix things up from their usual time spent in Midtown Houston’s beautiful parks.

If you like the sound of gardening in the city and want to test out the hobby, you can start a flourishing container garden at your apartment or townhome this summer. Check out our favorite urban garden growing tips here.

What would you grow in your dream garden?