Journey to France, Japan or the Deep South This Thanksgiving in Midtown Houston

(Photo courtesy of Gyu-Kaka)

This Thanksgiving, if you’re looking to spend less time in the kitchen or simply want to change up your normal traditions, consider eating out in Midtown Houston. Free up your time and buy yourself some peace of mind this holiday season.  

Enjoy fantastic chef level dishes for the holiday either by journeying to the flavors of France, Japan or connecting with classic Creole fare:


Artisans – Cuisine and Savoir Faire

For $80 a person you can eat your heart out at Artisans, a restaurant offering eclectic French dishes. Reservations are available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The food is fabulous, with an interior to match, including a 28-seat chef’s counter that provides views of the open kitchen.

The Thanksgiving menu has six courses including sweet potato soup, port braised short rib and, of course, roasted turkey breast. Dessert is a pumpkin opera cake and bourbon ice cream. You can book a reservation here.


Brennan’s of Houston – Great Food and Memories

For $62 a person you can enjoy a starter, entree and dessert at Brennan’s of Houston, a classic Louisiana-style establishment. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled to a beautiful New Orleans courtyard at this elegant location. Brennan’s is known for classic Creole dishes and an upscale atmosphere.


For the Thanksgiving meal, you can select from options like snapping turtle soup, seafood gumbo, Texas Creole roasted American turkey, gulf coast shrimp and grits, fairytale pumpkin pie, southern baked apple cake and more. Call 713-522-9711 for a reservation.


Gyu- Kaku Japanese BBQ

To capture the family-dining experience, outside of your house, Gyu- Kaku is a top choice. You’ll have a personal grill installed at your table, creating an instant cooking, bonding and dining experience for the entire family.  Their staff leads guests through the dining experience with helpful suggestions and the open restaurant design easily invites a feeling of comfort and familiarity.

Located at 510 Gray St., they  will be offering their brunch menu on Thanksgiving Day.

If you’re looking for night spot, or a happy hour to top off the day, visit our website for a full list of clubs and bars. Wherever you end up, we hope you leave delighted by fresh takes on holiday favorites. Happy Thanksgiving from Midtown Houston!