Keep Your Belongings Secure in Midtown Houston With These Easy Tips

Spring is officially approaching, and brings with it an increase to potential security risks for Midtown Houston visitors and residents. As Houstonians are hitting the gym, visiting area parks and lounging on sunny patios, there tends to be a corresponding uptick in the amount of theft to cars and homes.

Our local police will be taking preventative measures aimed at keeping visitors and their property safe, but there are also many steps you can take to limit your  likelihood of becoming a victim of crime..

Tips for Keeping You and Your Property Safe this Spring

  1. How often do you leave valuables such as purses or bags in plain view through your car windows? Make sure no belongings, even something as seemingly inconsequential as small change, are visible.


  1. Lights are your best friend. Even if you don’t have motion lights, you can still keep criminals at bay with lights turned on in your house exterior and interior. They are a powerful deterrent.


  1. In the age of social media, it’s natural to want to share your plans. But in this case, refrain from posting about each and every location you visit, especially if you’re traveling. You could be targeted based on your posts.


  1. Beware of your surroundings, especially if you regularly patron local bars and restaurants, in search of the perfect, patio seat outdoors. Make sure your belongings are always stored safely to prevent grab and go robbery.


  1. Most importantly, lock your doors and check that they are all functioning properly. We can easily get into a habit of not checking locks regularly. Don’t make your home or vehicle and easy target. Lock it up!

One great way to remember all of these tips is to keep a checklist that you refer to regularly. Taking a few simple steps each day can make all the difference, so you can focus on playing, relaxing or dining  in Midtown Houston instead.