Phoenix Exchange Club of Houston,

Make a Difference the Phoenix Way in Midtown Houston


At 101 years of age, Mildred Cummings is still finding time to give back to her community.

She is part of the families, young professionals, executive level personnel and community residents who have come together to charter the Phoenix Exchange Club of Houston, providing Houstonians with another branch of the oldest service club in America.

“I am happy to be out and about,” said Mildred, who prefers to go by Mimi. “This gives me an opportunity to get out of the house and do something for someone else.”

With Vicki Cruz, a young HR professional, as the president and Daniel Mayora from Mutual of Omaha Bank serving as president-elect, the club is off to a good start.

“We have created a calendar of events for the coming year that includes working with Change Happens on their Children’s Health Day on August 12th from 10am – 2pm,” said Cruz. “We’re also working with the ESCAPE Family Resource Center as they offer their costumed STREATFEST and Family Walk on October 28th at Chenevert Street in Midtown.”

As one of 650+ clubs across the US and Puerto Rico, the Phoenix Exchange Club members join nearly 20,000 others in supporting the national project: prevention of child abuse. Members focus their service on activities that impact families, communities and the country.

Detroit Business executives who simply wanted to exchange ideas founded the National Exchange Club in 1911. Their dedication and the commitment of those who have followed has led to life-changing results for hundreds of thousands across the nation.

“We are proud to boast a charter membership of 19 individuals ranging from young professionals to CEOs, as well as three generations of the same family ranging in age from the 20s to 101 years,” said Marc Schwartz, immediate past president of the Memorial Exchange Club that is sponsoring the Phoenix Exchange Club.

Members chose the name “The Phoenix Exchange Club of Houston” because they intend to bring together neighborhoods in Midtown, East End, Downtown and the surrounding wards.  Additional officers of the club include Lauren Brooks, secretary; Marc Schwartz, treasurer; Julie Baskin Brooks, HR professional with Legna & Associates; Leslie Smith, CEO at Change Happens and Fritz Guthrie, CEO at ESCAPE Family Resource Center.

Meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. at ESCAPE Family Resource Center, 2410 Hamilton Street. Anyone interested in joining this service club is welcome to attend. Like Mildred, you’ll discover there is great personal reward in giving back to the community over a lifetime.

To learn more about the National Exchange Club, please visit

Phoenix Exchange Club of Houston President Vicki Cruz, left, welcomes two of the newest members to the club. Mildred Cummings is the club’s oldest member at 101 years of age.  Josh Simmons (center) is one of the many young professionals who helped charter the club.