Midtown District Wins World Landscape Architecture (WLA) Professional Merit Award for Design Excellence


Since efforts to transform Midtown Houston’s green spaces, housing, and walkability began over 10 years ago, the District has become a top destination, known for its beautiful updated parks, public art pieces, and continually developing transport options. After years of thoughtful growth and development, the global design community has taken notice. 

Added to its growing list of accolades is the announcement that the Midtown has won a World Landscape Architecture (WLA) Professional Merit Award. This recognition is just another example of how projects like Bagby Street, Bagby Park, and Midtown Park exemplify well-implemented design principles that incorporate the city’s bayou environment and culture.

Midtown Stands Out as World Landscape Architecture Award Winner

Midtown won the 2021 WLA award for the same reasons that those living in its community appreciate it regularly: beauty, simplicity, and interactivity. Destinations like Midtown Park stand out because they blend a variety of features into one stunning landscape complete with native plants and artwork from world-renowned artists. 

As a WLA Professional Merit Award winner, Midtown joins the ranks of notable, global projects chosen from over 400 entries. This award was judged by a panel of 10 landscape architecture professionals and educators. The honor is given to winners who exemplify the highest quality in landscape architecture and design. Midtown Redevelopment Authority implemented the projects included in this award with the aid of design firms like Design Workshop, Walter P. Moore, and Urban Architecture.

You can learn more about the strategic plan behind the Midtown District’s design and development here. You can also dive into the details of the WLA award and check out all of the winners here.