Midtown Houston Infrastructure Update: Current and Future Developments in the Community

Midtown Houston is rapidly expanding its appeal as a locus for culture, modernity and economic resiliency. The three organizations that drive advancements while preserving Midtown Houston’s original charm – Midtown Redevelopment Authority / Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 2, Midtown Management District and Midtown Parks Conservancy – have devised a range of new developments for the near future.

Midtown Houston’s combination of diversity, pedestrian-friendly convenience, easy-access transportation and distinctive cultural heritage make it a prime spot for both residential and retail growth.

Entrepreneurs recognize the confluence of factors contributing to the desirability of this urban community. Planned developments create a larger consumer base over time and speak to the growing popularity of the area for prospective residents.

  1. Midtown Houston Developments – Recently Completed

Recently completed developments include: (1) 3800 Main, a 5-story 117 unit residential building, (2) Pearl Midtown, a 5-story, 154-unit residential building, (3) Alexan Midtown, a 7-story, 215-unit residential building, (4) Midtown Central Square, a 14-story, 300,000 SF office tower and (5) Midtown Arts & Theater Center (MATCH), an Art and Cultural Performance Hall.

  1. Midtown Houston Developments – Under Construction

Developments currently under construction include: (1) McGowen Station, an 8-story, 315-unit residential building, (2) Parc @ Midtown, a 73-unit townhome development, (3) Elgin City Views, a 20-unit townhome development, (4) Mid Main, a 6-story, 363 unit mixed use residential building with 29,000 square feet of retail space and (5) Pearl Residences at Midtown, an 8-story, 260-unit residential building with 40,000 square feet retail grocery store.

  1. Midtown Houston Developments – Planned

Planned developments include: (1) 3300 Main, a 21-story, 336 mixed-use residential building with 14,000 square feet of retail space, (2) 4001 Main St., a 4-story condominium unit residential building, (3) The Midtown (MHMRA Building), a 28-story, 380-unit residential tower with ground floor retail, (4) 1000 McGowen, a building with 34,000 square feet of office space, 2,000 to 12,000 square feet of ground floor retail and a rooftop bar/event space, (5) Atma at McGowen, an 8 story, 71-unit residential building and (6) Pearl Rosemont, a multi-family residential building.

Changes ahead add to the appeal of Midtown Houston, significantly increasing the amount of open retail and professional space while providing even more residential expansion. For more information or to participate in upcoming public forums, click here.