Midtown Houston Unveils Inspiring Art Installation for Hispanic Heritage Month

Midtown Houston is proud to announce the selection of local artist Sebastian Gomez de la Torre for the installation of a breathtaking, large-scale, temporary, public art display. This captivating piece, created in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrates the rich diversity and unity that define our city. The artwork is now on display in Bagby Park at 415 Gray Street and features a captivating design inspired by the theme “Todos Somos, Somos Uno: We Are All, We Are One.”

Sebastian, who is originally from Peru, drew inspiration from the vibrant multicolored outfits worn by the indigenous women of the Andes during his upbringing. This admiration for their heritage sparked the creation of the design titled “Textiles de Nuestras Tierras” (Textiles from Our Lands) and pays homage to not only his culture, but also the shared techniques and similarities found across the Latin American diaspora. By showcasing different textile techniques and designs from across the Americas, this installation serves as a tribute to the centuries-old traditions passed down through the rich histories of pre-colonial civilizations. The intricate loom-weaved textiles and embroidery, emblematic of numerous Hispanic cultures across the continents, are showcased with reverence and pride.

This collaborative project is made possible through the partnership between the Midtown Houston Cultural Arts and Entertainment District and the Midtown Management District. “Midtown Houston has always been at the forefront of supporting and nurturing art in all its forms,” said Cynthia Alvarado, Director of Operations for the Midtown Management District. “Since earning recognition as a State of Texas Cultural Arts & Entertainment District in 2012, we have taken immense pride in our artistic landmarks, enchanting park spaces, thriving arts organizations, and the exceptional public art that has garnered commendation.”

The installation will be on display in Bagby Park throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, which ends on October 15th, serving as a vibrant focal point for our community’s celebrations and cultural pride. “Our goal with this art installation is to honor the diversity and unity of Houston’s Hispanic community,” said Alvarado. “Through art, we can bridge cultures, spark conversations, and foster a deeper understanding of one another. We hope this installation will engage and inspire all who encounter it.”