New Developments in Midtown Houston You Should Know About

(Rendering courtesy of Carmack Concepts.)

Midtown Houston is constantly growing, changing and improving for residents and visitors alike. The past few months have been particularly eventful, with announcements about new developments in living spaces, restaurants, hot night spots and more.

Here are the latest planned additions to Midtown Houston you’ll want to check out:

Upcoming Developments in Midtown Houston: Entertainment and Innovation

Entertainment in Midtown Houston is diversifying with the opening of an eSports and gaming arena near the end of the summer. Next Level, a haven for video game lovers, will feature a full bar, food and even virtual reality gaming rigs.

Those seeking more variety in their evening outings will be excited to hear that four new bars are integrating into the local scene. These bars will replace the usual haunts on Brazos Street and liven up our expectations of what it means to grab a cocktail in Midtown Houston. With quirky names like Unicorn Disco and 77 degrees, they’re bound to be worthy of an enjoyable bar hopping experience.

Day to day life in Midtown Houston is also seeing some benefits and growth. Construction is bringing us attractive living spaces along the Innovation Corridor, where convenient commuting, neighborhood development and business opportunity coexist alongside condominiums. The Innovation Corridor is set to take over the old Sears building for conversion into a thriving center of education, technology and entrepreneurship.

We’ve also seen the announcement of a 328-foot building, one of Houston’s tallest, which will be completed in 2019. And on top of all this development, a Whole Foods-apartment complex is under construction as well. In short, Midtown Houston is where you want to be.

To accommodate an influx of people, the Midtown Park Parking Facility, located directly below the park, is now open. This easy and affordable parking boasts 400 spaces, 24/7 security and an $8 maximum rate. Morning rates are only $1 an hour. From 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. during the week and all day Saturday and Sunday there is a $5 flat rate for parking.
While Midtown Houston continues to flourish, it never loses its originality, beauty and cultural significance. Stay in the know, by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.