Reducing crime starts with being the eyes, ears of a neighborhood

Midtown Houston, a vibrant mixed-use district with its cool nightspots, art spaces, restaurants and high-end townhomes, is a feather in Houston’s coolness cap.

Midtown Houston officials and stakeholders work closely with area law-enforcement to ensure the safety of the people who live, shop and enjoy the district located southwest of downtown Houston. The same qualities that make Midtown Houston so successful can also draw the criminal element to the area.

“There isn’t a zip code for a crime to happen,” said Cynthia Alvarado, operations manager for Midtown Management District. “It can happen anywhere in Houston. We are fortunate in this community to have numerous law enforcement agencies that participate with us on a monthly basis to provide information about targeted enforcements, crime statistics and of course to hear stakeholders concerns. We are all working for a common goal of creating a safer place for everyone.”

Alvarado urged residents and business owners to keep their ears and eyes open and to stay vigilant when there’s something unusual going on.

“We encourage our stakeholders to ban together in common sense way to create safety. It could be something as simple as everyone on your block or building leaving the lights on outside overnight, or making sure garage doors are closed,” she said. “We just look out for each other, making the commitment that if you see something say something by placing a call to the police. It is imperative that we take ownership of the safety in our community ”

Mingling and going social also help take a bite out of crime, she said.

“We have public park spaces and we’re working to activate those park spaces with events, programs, public art, exercise classes and events with pets,” Alvarado said. “That’s what brings people out and creates a community, makes it easier to meet your neighbors that in turn works to address its public safety issues, perceived or real. That’s what it’s about.”

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