Rideshare App Safety in Midtown Houston


Rideshare apps are all the rage thanks to the convenience of easily getting to your next location simply by opening your smartphone.

Yet there is still a degree of risk inherent to calling a ride. Follow the tips below to stay safe while utilizing this resource in Midtown Houston.

Steps to Stay Safe in Midtown Houston on Rideshare Apps

First, remain aware of your surroundings and pay attention to any worrisome signs. When you are selecting your specific type of car and plugging in your address, try to do so inside so you minimize any time spent outside alone. Also, once the driver has arrived, take the time to check that the license plate matches, as well as the photo and driver’s name. Make sure the driver states that they are picking you up specifically.

Especially for those riding alone, sit in the backseat as an added protective measure providing distance between you and the driver. Don’t forget to buckle your seatbelt, as this is the most effective means of protecting yourself if an accident were to occur.

Remember to share your trip details with a friend or family member. In the app, there is an option to do so easily through a ‘Share Status’  feature. While you are on the ride, know that you are not obligated to divulge any personal information to the driver. Light conversation and friendliness are a respectful measure, but the driver has no right to any details about you.

Once again, pay attention. Ensure the driver is following the app’s suggested route or giving a reasonable explanation for any diversions. Call 911 immediately if you feel you are in an emergency situation.

Finally, ask your driver to watch that you’ve gone inside safely before leaving. Give them appropriate feedback, especially if there was anything concerning.

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