Steps You Can Take to Stay Safe While Enjoying Summer in Midtown Houston

During summer, it’s important to stay safe and aware despite the carefree atmosphere the weather invites. Though you can’t plan for incidents like theft, you do have the power to make yourself less vulnerable to opportunists.

Keep reading for helpful advice on reducing the possibility you will experience a crime:

Public Safety Alert: Protecting Yourself This Summer in Midtown Houston

Practice maintaining an elevated awareness of your surroundings even while you continue to enjoy your day. Don’t take it for granted if an act of crime has never happened to you before.

The best way to avoid danger is to steer clear of secluded locations. An example of this is one of the easiest methods for guarding your car against theft. Park in high-visibility areas of a parking lot or parking structure. Leave your car in a well-lit spot surrounded by other vehicles. This makes it much more likely a thief won’t want to risk exposure.

Remember, the Midtown Park Parking Facility is well-lit and includes 24/7 security.

Additionally, make sure there are no valuables visible from your car windows. Even loose change should be hidden from view. Lock anything important in the trunk before you get to your destination and don’t keep items in your car overnight or for long periods of time.

Our next piece of advice seems obvious but is a good reminder for everyone. Lock up! Don’t assume you can leave your car unlocked for five minutes while you grab something from the store. Roll up your windows and keep your eye out for suspicious behavior.

While you’re at home, park your vehicle in the garage or at least the driveway with the locks engaged despite the seeming protection. The same goes for your home itself. Always check that doors are secure and valuables discreet as well as that exterior lights are on at night and alarms are set. For your car, auto theft deterrents like car alarms are helpful.

Most importantly, don’t forget to treat your own protection with the same level of care. Buddy up when possible, walk in high-traffic areas, keep belongings like your phone and wallet in hard to reach places and don’t travel distracted.

You can stay involved with Midtown Houston by coming to our next Public Safety Committee meeting. Learn more about these monthly discussions between the community and local law enforcement agencies here.