Three Reasons to Visit the New Public Art Piece Going Up in Midtown Park


Public art enhances our community’s beauty while supporting local artists. That’s why we’ve commissioned a monumental new public art piece at Midtown Park by nationally acclaimed Houston artist Dixie Friend Gay.

The 12 by 63 feet mosaic, ‘Wild Wonderland,’ will greet visitors to the park at the Main Street entrance, offering a colorful welcome into Midtown Houston’s latest green space. Friend Gay’s original work of art features over 800,000 hand-cut and placed glass tiles embodying a gorgeous representation of the native Houston landscape.

Here’s why you’ll want to put a visit to Wild Wonderland at the top of your to-do list for 2018:


  1. Experience a Unique Work of Art

Friend Gay’s multi-colored mosaic at Midtown Park includes native butterflies, caterpillars and the endangered Houston toad, as well as the hognose snake, lizard and bee. The artist collaborated with mosaic design and manufacturing company Mosaika to fabricate the expansive piece of art.

The mosaic is a beautiful representational piece that speaks to the fascinating diversity of our unique natural environment.


  1. Support a Local Houston Artist

Dixie Friend Gay is known for her remarkable breadth of artistic production encompassing public art, sculpture and painting inspired by an awareness of the natural world. She has created public art for George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the Port of Miami, Indianapolis International Airport, Sam Houston State University, and Texas A&M Galveston during a career spanning over three decades. Her studio art can be found in prestigious collections such as Houston’s Federal Reserve Bank and Rice University.


  1. Get to Know Midtown Park

Visiting Wild Wonderland is a great excuse to explore more of our newest park. Midtown Park spans three acres that include a lush lawn for games and activities, a playground and interactive water features for families, public art installations and the Reliant Dog Park.

Midtown Park also features the Camden Pavilion, an open-air pavilion and stage area that provides a flexible space for concerts and performances, public events and exercise activities. When not in use for events, it serves as a casual gathering spot with movable seating and large fans overlooking the rain interactive water feature and great lawn.

Plus, parking is a breeze because the Midtown Park Parking Facility located directly below the park is now open and provides 400 spaces for public use. It even boasts round-the-clock security.

You can learn more about all the events that will be held at Midtown Park this year by visiting