Three Simple Ways to Keep Your Bike Safe in Midtown Houston


As the most bikeable district in Houston, we’re committed to helping you protect your bike.

Having a bike stolen is sadly common, but you can take steps to deter a thief.

Read on to learn three simple ways to keep your bike safe:

  1. Use the Right Lock

Locking your bike is a given. Though you may be tempted to choose a cable lock because they are more convenient and versatile, they provide almost no real protection.

A U-lock is the best because it can stand up to many of the tools used to steal a bike.

  1. Always Lock Up

Even if you’re just going to leave your bike for a few minutes while you go into a shop, you should lock it up. A deterrent-free bike is an opportunists dream. All they have to do is jump on and ride away.

That’s why you should always, always, always lock your bike to something sturdy like a bike rack. Lock your wheels if convenient or feasible and, ideally, bring the bike inside your home at night.

Those with particularly expensive bikes should be especially vigilant and consider utilizing a cheaper bike when they can’t be sure of favorable locking conditions.

  1. Keep a Record

The Public Safety Committee offered bike engraving at National Night Out. The response  was favorable, so beginning at the 2019 evening Public Safety Committee meetings there will be “free engraving” available. Ride or bringing your bike and other small items of value to be engraved with a personal ID number that will help the police identify merchandise in the event of theft.

And finally, if you cannot engrave your bike write down the serial number found on your bike’s bottom bracket as well as a brief description (or take a picture). It may be the only hope of getting your bike back someday.

Report the theft even if you think the chances of getting the bike back are slim. Police need to know what’s happening in the area so they can make changes to keep everyone’s belongings safer.

Happy biking!