Three Ways to Stay Committed to New Year’s Fitness Resolutions in Midtown Houston


Are you already finding it hard to stay committed to your New Year’s resolutions? We get it – the holidays are over and responsibilities are back in full swing.

Rather than throwing all of your intentions out the window, consider how you might recapture them in small, yet achievable ways over time. More than 200 free events are hosted in our parks each year, including zumba, yoga and more. Instead of getting stuck, clear your head by getting outside.

Here are some great places to start on your way to fitness gains:


  1. Get Grooving with Zumba

Joel Luks, a Midtown Houston resident, shared about his transformative experience as a student in our weekly Zumba classes hosted by FiTMiX Yoga & Latin Fitness Studio. Joel’s enthusiasm and determination helped him reach his fitness goals for 2018 and even helped cultivate a new goal of becoming a class instructor.

“Zumba changed my life. It not only helped me experience joy, get new friends and feel like I’m part of a family, but I also lost 95 pounds,” said Joel.


  1. Commit to Capoeira

Putting the focus on learning a fun skill will take the pressure off of a fitness resolution and provide a different kind of satisfaction. Branch out by taking a Family Capoeira Class at Midtown Park, where you’ll learn about this unique Afro-Brazilian martial art. Invite your whole crew for more motivation.


  1. Ramp Up then Wind Down with HIIT & Yoga

Exercise doesn’t even have to be a primary goal to be useful in 2019. Physical effort is a great way of lightening your mood thanks to endorphins! Do you want to see friends more often? Plan to attend a workout class together. Midtown in Motion at Elizabeth Baldwin Park has both HIIT and yoga sessions to get your Saturday morning going.

Let us know how you’re making 2019 your best year yet @midtownHOU!