Updates to Elizabeth Baldwin Park Underway in Midtown Houston

(photo via 365 Things to Do in Houston)

Elizabeth Baldwin Park in Midtown Houston will get some highly anticipated upgrades this year. The classic green space is home to stunning symbols of Houston’s past, including centuries-old oak trees and one of the oldest fountains in the city. Midtown has an agreement with the City of Houston to maintain and activate the park, which is undergoing changes from now until the fall of 2022. 

Covering nearly five acres along Elgin Street in Midtown, Baldwin Park’s new renovations will include playground upgrades to provide additional play experiences for children to learn and practice developmental skills. Electrical infrastructure will be installed to better facilitate future park programming and new perimeter lighting will improve visibility into the park. Locals and visitors will notice recent changes to the area as contractors set up tree protection fencing and planked tree trunks around the construction area. 

In past years, Elizabeth Baldwin Park has transformed but always retained its original splendor. Jogging paths, a soccer field, and the current playground have made it a top destination to stay and play in the center of the city. Though access to the playground area will be restricted during the project, the area outside of the construction zone will stay open for all to enjoy. 

Elizabeth Baldwin Park is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. For ongoing updates join us at our monthly Midtown Redevelopment Authority meetings on the third Thursday of each month.