Your Guide to Getting Around Safely and Easily in Midtown Houston


In Midtown Houston, your options for transport are broad. This week we’re giving you a direct look into the best ways to travel in Midtown Houston. No stress necessary!

  1. METRORail Midtown

Midtown Houston provides ample access to the METRORail, the most cost-effective system in the city. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the frustration of traffic.

If this is your preferred method of transportation or if you’re considering using it more often, it’s a good idea to check out the Rail Safety page for a quick update. Become familiar with the various signs and signals that indicate an oncoming train. When you are near a METRORail you must listen and look for trains and tracks.

  1. Biking Midtown Houston

Midtown Houston is extremely easy to bike, whether you have your own or prefer to rent from one of the X NUMBER of B-cycle locations in the area.

Bikers must remember that you are still considered a vehicle on the roadway. You must use proper signals, follow the rules of the road, stay in bike lanes as much as possible and wear helmets! Learn more here.

  1. Driving Midtown Houston

Those who enjoy driving a car can still take advantage of Midtown Houston’s unique transport options. We know parking in the city can be a pain, which is why Midtown Park has a covered, energy efficient parking facility underground at 2811 Travis St.

Consider parking at this garage and using the McGowen Station METRORail stop or renting a bike. The garage can hold up to 400 vehicles and provides 24/7 security. Check out rates and hours, as well as more details here. There are also three Zip car locations that can accessed here.

No matter how you handle transportation in Midtown Houston, don’t forget to make safety a priority.