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Midtown Develops Affordable Housing in Southeast Houston & Third Ward

(photo courtesy of  Cole Klein Builders) There is a trend in the lack of affordability in urban areas and in particular in the inner cities of places like Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. In major cities across the country, home ownership and rental costs have escalated substantially, driving people to the suburbs or outside

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Advancing Affordable Housing & Creating Stronger Communities

  As a continuation of our affordable housing initiatives, CCPPI, Midtown Houston’s affordable housing partner, has secured developer agreements to produce more than 130 new affordable homes, including 43 single family homes in Palmetto (OST/South Union), 70 homes in the Martin Luther King area, and an additional 24 homes in Third Ward.   The strategies we

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Midtown Addresses Houston Affordable Housing Crisis

  Every day, affordable housing threatens the stability, growth and vitality of families in communities surrounding Midtown Houston and throughout the city. Recognizing this issue is not the same as addressing it.  The Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 2 (TIRZ) are parallel organizations that use incremental taxes generated in Midtown

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