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Houston’s Third Ward, a Tale of Then and Now

Sit down for a cup of coffee and conversation with Algenita Scott Davis and you will learn a lot about the rich history of Houston’s Third Ward. You will also hear her strong confidence about the neighborhood’s future.   Davis is the housing program manager for the Center for Civic and Public Policy Improvement, a nonprofit

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Midtown Houston Helps To Support Senior Living Affordable Housing

(photo courtesy of The Montrose Center) As a continuation of our affordable housing initiatives, Midtown Houston has advanced its effort to work in partnership with community-based entities to produce affordable housing. More specifically, Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) supported the production of an affordable housing senior living project, the Law Harrington Senior Living Center located in

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Midtown Develops Affordable Housing in Southeast Houston & Third Ward

(photo courtesy of  Cole Klein Builders) There is a trend in the lack of affordability in urban areas and in particular in the inner cities of places like Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. In major cities across the country, home ownership and rental costs have escalated substantially, driving people to the suburbs or outside

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