Celebrate These Hispanic-Owned Businesses in Midtown Houston Year-Round

(photo via Gloria’s on Facebook)

As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to an end, we want to remind you to celebrate minority-owned businesses year-round. Midtown Houston has a number of exceptional restaurants, retail stores, and professional services owned and operated by Hispanic individuals. We want to draw your attention to these hidden gems and local favorites. 

Flavor You Won’t Forget

Hispanic-owned restaurants are an abundant source of flavor and nourishment in Midtown. There’s Gloria’s Latin Cuisine of the Fuentes Family, self-described as “Salvadoran with a twist,” where you can sample classic tamales and pupusas. We also adore the artisan pizza proffered by Cesar and Jennifer Hernandez at The Gypsy Poet. Their love letter to travelers around the worldexpressed through delicious doughwill have you coming back for more. 

Cyclone Anaya’s is a family favorite by Rico Valencia that has been around for 50 years and specializes in a Tex-Mex fusion. For more casual dining, try La Calle Tacos, owned by Ramon, which can be found at Bagby Park in Midtown. Enjoy the sunshine as you dive into chicharrones and fresh beverages.

Unique Finds and Services

With your hunger satisfied, you can move on to splurge a little bit. Al’s Handmade Boots is the dream of Master Bootmaker Alvaro Rivera. He is the best around for hand-crafted boots and belts. For additional unique finds, try out Sig’s Lagoon from Tomas Escalante, which houses a treasure trove of nostalgic vinyl. Additionally, don’t miss Wheeler Watch Clinic, a family affair helmed by Jaime Galvan where decades of expertise unite to fix your beloved watches. 

But what if you need pampering or have a dental need? Massage Heights’ Midtown location is owned by Theresa Castro. For a traditional, yet affordable ‘hot towel straight razor shave,’ head to Big Kat’s Barbershop. Finally, we suggest supporting Midtown dentist Dr. Brian G. Martinez, who provides a comfortable experience at Smiles of Midtown.

Get to know these incredible Hispanic-owned businesses in Midtown, today and year-round.