How to Get Fit for Free in Midtown Houston With Local Experts


Fitness is a lot like physics. A body at rest really does stay at rest. It’s much easier to motivate yourself once you get the ball rolling. Because we know exactly how hard it is to maintain an active lifestyle, we’re starting a new fitness campaign at Bagby Park and Midtown Park.

Get Fit in Midtown is a free fitness series that will be hosted by some of Houston’s most popular instructors.

Our first night of Get Fit in Midtown on Wednesday, July 25 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. will feature Gilly Rosen, a self-proclaimed New Yorker in Texas who wows us with her grit and intensity.

Get Fit in Midtown With Gilly Rosen

Gilly Rosen will lead a Get Fit in Midtown CrossFit class, which involves varied strength exercises from powerlifting and weightlifting to calisthenics and HIIT. Suffice it to say, you’re definitely going to sweat and test your limits.

Gilly is all about strength and endurance in all facets of life. She is a professional geologist who also runs her own fitness company, FitMetrics, in addition to teaching at New Heights Fitness. She is committed to coaching excellence and a scientific approach that focuses on marrying data with real results.

Gilly is also a nutrition coach and a CrossFit trainer in mobility, endurance and gymnastics. We love her passion for the Midtown Houston community and can’t wait for her class at Bagby Park. Before or after the workout with Gilly, you’ll also be able to visit with the team from Massage Heights Midtown, who will be on-site offering five minute chair massages.

Ready to Get Fit in Midtown? Let us know if we’ll see you there!