Last public meeting scheduled for input on new Midtown Parks & Public Space Master Plan

Time is running out to tell us what park and public space improvements you want to see in Midtown Houston.  

How far we hav

e come

Since June, we have been inventorying existing assets and listening to those who live and work in Midtown to gain guidance for the first update to the Midtown Parks and Open Space Master Plan since 2011. We have met with neighborhood groups, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders. The process has yielded extensive input we will use to help guide Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) spending decisions for the next five to 10 years.

There will be a virtual meeting on Wednesday, February 22nd at 5:30pm for anyone interested in hearing what we have learned. This meeting is the last chance for input before we present recommendations to the MRA board for consideration and approval. 

2022 survey found parks and public spaces are the top items Midtown residents feel need more attention and investment. The updated parks and public space master plan will provide a blueprint for improvements to address existing deficits and help improve the health and safety of the surrounding population. 

Park improvement recommendations

There are currently 24 existing parks in or within a quarter mile of Midtown, but some areas in the neighborhood are still devoid of green space. In addition, the quantity and variety of amenities and programming vary widely from park to park. For example, seven parks have only one program, while five other parks benefit from four or more programs. Examples of the strategies for addressing these disparities include building new parks on vacant land or adding dog parks and more playground and adult fitness equipment to existing parks that currently have little to offer visitors. 

Recommended street improvements

Public spaces are inclusive of streets and sidewalks. With that in mind, 11 streets have been designated priorities in the updated master plan. Proposed improvements run the gamut from adding dedicated bike lanes to widening sidewalks and planting more trees to removing or adding more parking.

The virtual meeting will start with a general overview of the information gathered over the previous six months and then dive into detail about proposed recommendations. A draft of the recommendations will be posted to the project page on the Midtown website prior to the meeting for those who want to review them in advance. We hope you will make plans to join us. Registration and the Zoom link are available here.