Make 2022 the Year You Go from Renting to Owning

How long have you been dreaming about owning a home? 2022 could be the year the dream comes true. Affordable homes are being built right now in walkable communities close to jobs, transit, restaurants, nightlife, and all the other amenities that make Houston such a wonderful, liveable city.

Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and the Center for Civic and Public Policy Improvement (CCPPI) are stepping up their affordable housing program for 2022 with more builders, more homes, and more space for growing families in Houston’s Greater Third Ward/OST neighborhood.

More builders, bigger homes, more choices

Three new builders – CR Design Build LLC, Henby Realty Group LLC, and Lin Development Group LLCjoined the program at the end of January. Together, these new participants plan to build eight new homes, several of which will be almost 2,000 square feet in size with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and garages – more than enough space to accommodate a large family.

While the new builders get going on their projects, other participants are working to complete homes they broke ground on in 2021. A mid-January report from CCPPI shows more than 20 homes in various stages of construction by Agape Homes, Houston Business Development Inc. (HBDi), and Mayberry Homes. These 20 new homes and more offered by Cole Klein Builders should soon be available for sale to homebuyers searching for affordable housing options.

“The perception of affordable housing has changed dramatically over the last five years,” said MRA Real Estate Project Manager Todd Edwards. “We are now talking about working-class families who can no longer afford the real estate market inside Houston’s 610 Loop. Our program recognizes this problem and provides homes these families can afford in neighborhoods close to public transit and jobs.”   

Great locations at affordable prices

These homes come with all the amenities one would expect in a 21st century home. The difference is that they do not carry the hefty price tags of other new construction currently found inside the loop. Qualifying buyers will need to meet income requirements, complete a homebuyer education class offered by the Houston Area Urban League (HAUL), and commit to staying in the homes for 20 years.

New homeowner Vanessa Hodder decided on the MRA/CCPPI affordable housing program because she wanted to be close to her job in the Texas Medical Center and her husband’s work at the University of Houston. She wanted a home where she could feel safe and secure and a place for entertaining friends and family. “It just feels like such a dream come true,” said Hodder.

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Start the process today

If interested in purchasing a home through this program, contact any of the builders listed below.

Agape Homes, CDC
(346) 396-4380 


Cole Klein Builders
(832) 402-8160 


(713) 845-2400 


Mayberry Homes, Inc.
(713) 423-8585 


To register for HAUL’s Homebuyer Certification Program contact:

Houston Area Urban League
Glenda Kizzee
(281) 220-6030