Midtown Houston Kicks Off Campaign in March to Spotlight Area Restaurants

Whatever your culinary tastes, Midtown Houston’s cool, elegant, and eclectic restaurants can give you what you want. After all, this hip, artsy enclave near downtown Houston has become the place to be for discerning diners.

“No matter what your tastes are, Midtown has something for everybody, whether it’s Asian, Italian, barbecue or Tex-Mex,” said Mechelle Phillips who is coordinating the effort. “Midtown has high-end restaurants, and more casual dining and pubs.”

“Whether it’s a burger, a steak, seafood or international cuisine, Midtown is a hub of all things delicious,” she said.

To celebrate Midtown Houston’s culinary status, Midtown Houston is launching the #eatINmidtown campaign to spotlight some of the exciting eateries in the area. Several businesses are taking part in the campaign, offering special rates and menus for the occasion.

Le Thau, manager of Oporto Fooding House & Wine at 125 W Gray St., said the Eat in Midtown campaign – #eatInmidtown – is a chance for people to explore Midtown Houston’s wealth of dining opportunities.

“Our food is Portuguese – Tapas – and has Indian influence,” he said. “We also have a lot of seafood-inspired dishes. I’m glad that people are willing to step outside the box to try new cuisines and explore other things in the city.”

Johann Schuster, chef and owner of Charivari Restaurant at 2521 Bagby St., said he’s delighted to witness Midtown Houston’s transformation into a destination for dining. The restaurant is celebrating 17 years in Midtown Houston.

“When we opened, everybody asked why and I said, ‘I’m behind Spec’s – Wines, Spirits and Finer Foods,’ ” Schuster said. “Now there’s apartments, townhomes and restaurants. It think it’s amazing, and we have more young people. They are our future and that’s how we survive.”

As part of the #eatINmidtown campaign, customers are encouraged to post on social media about their dining experiences, and gift cards will be awarded to selected diners.

The campaign is geared not only to Midtown visitors, but also residents who live and work in the community.

“Midtown is a residential area with tons of multi-family units, and everybody doesn’t always want to cook,” she said. “So there are plenty of places to accommodate local residents, and also residents from all over Houston and anyone who might be visiting the city.”

Here is the list of restaurants taking part in the first annual Eat in Midtown campaign:

For more information about Midtown Houston, visit online or call 713-526-7577.