Midtown Houston Makes it Easy to Go Green

Sustainability is good for everyone – the world, the Midtown Houston community and individual people who support the health of their environment. Going green doesn’t have to be a sweeping lifestyle change with hundreds of requirements. It can be as low-stress as walking to the store instead of driving.

Living in or visiting Midtown Houston makes this even easier, as it’s the most walkable district in Houston.

If you’re not sure where to start on the eco-friendly path, we’ve got you covered:

Green Living the Simple Way in Midtown Houston


  1. Drive Less, Walk/Bike/Ride More

There are numerous alternatives to driving in Midtown Houston that check many of the sustainability boxes: pollution free, affordable or low impact. The area has two MetroRail stops, nine BCycle stations and three Zipcar locations.

For BCycle bike sharing, download the app to efficiently check out and return bikes whenever you want. And if you have your own bike at home, dust it off and get in some heart healthy miles.

Zipcar is another great way to reduce your carbon footprint when you need a higher transportation speed. Instead of owning a car or driving one regularly, you can pick up a Zipcar as needed.

Then there’s the MetroRail, one of the most convenient ways to travel all around Houston. Beat the traffic and use the time to read, chat with friends or relax instead of focusing on the road.


  1. Spend More Time Outside

We often spend so much time staring at computer screens, we forget how much better it feels to be outdoors. Fresh air, light and the sound of living things are all reminders of how much we stand to lose if we don’t preserve the environment.

Reacquaint yourself with nature by visiting one of Midtown Houston’s many green locations, whether that be Midtown Park, Bagby Park, Elizabeth Baldwin Park, or Elizabeth Glover Park. Ride a BCycle or your bike to explore and enjoy.

Show your love for Midtown Houston and the planet by taking the scenic route a bit more often.