Glitter Karaoke in Midtown Houston

Midtown Houston Nightlife: Stay, Play and Sing Your Heart Out

Ever find yourself hopping from bar to bar because none have the full package of delicious drinks, solid vibes and quality entertainment? We’ve got the solution with this week’s Midtown Stay + Play selection: Let your hair down in Midtown Houston by enjoying your weekend at Glitter Karaoke.

You need a bar that can deliver memorable experiences all night so that you can stay in one location and truly play while shaking off the weekday drudge. You shouldn’t have to waste valuable time and money deliberating, so let us guide you!

Glitter Karaoke is a one-stop shop for affordable brews and a satisfying menu. When you arrive for the drink specials and palate-pleasing grub like #SteakNight or #BurgerThursday, you have a special opportunity to watch fearless reenactments of famous hits.

This karaoke bar is known for a supportive crowd that celebrates the performers who give it their all. It’s ideal for bringing large groups to laugh the night away in a private room. Whether you’re crooning beloved pop songs with co-workers or jamming to the greats with old friends, you can’t go wrong living it up at this Midtown Houston treasure. Get on stage and try your voice this week! The mic awaits…

What’s your go-to song for karaoke night?