Midtown Wine Down Offers Blend of Arts, Scene and Entertainment

HOUSTON – Emblematic of its standing as a leader in new urbanism, Midtown Houston will host Midtown Wine Down on March 4 at Bagby Park (415 Gray St. at Bagby St.), providing residents of Midtown and beyond a wondrous opportunity to sample the enticing mix of contemporary cultural arts and aesthetic beauty unique to Midtown.

The happy hour series recurs on the first Friday of every month and features an ideal combination of tantalizing drink specials, gratifying dining options, engaging activities and live entertainment. Pristine Bagby Park serves as the backdrop for Midtown Wine Down, which runs for three hours starting at 5 p.m. The event is free to all attendees.

Fred Rusk & The Zydeco Hi-Steppers will perform March 4.

Designed with an aim to incorporate contemporary cultural arts as an enhancement for the traditional happy hour, Midtown Wine Down challenges the perceptions and broadens the horizons of the event. On Feb. 5, Midtown Wine Down took shape as a party in the park, with the venerated DJ Sun displaying his musical mastery for 300-plus attendees.

Boom 92, Houston’s only classic hip hop radio station, activated at Bagby Park and provided giveaways while also orchestrating games and additional revelry for attendees. Rico’s Morning + Noon + Night, which operates the Bagby Park kiosk, managed the food and libations and extended its happy hour menu to meet the demand for its scrumptious array of burgers, hot dogs, salads and fries. Beverages ran the gamut from shakes, coffees and sodas, to alcoholic options of beer and wine.

Beer selections were plentiful from the draft (8th Wonder, Karbach and Saint Arnold) to domestic (Miller Lite, Bud Light, Coors Light) and imported (Dos XX, Tecate, Modelo Especial) choices. Frozen sake and mimosas were available in cocktail form as were, befitting the name of the happy hour, an avalanche of wine options from sparkling, roses, reds and whites, to Cupcake (chardonnay, red velvet, red blend) on tap. 

However, variety remains the spice of life, and the opportunity exists for additional vendors to manage the happy hour event food and beverage program moving forward. The same applies for the talent, for Midtown Wine Down will take multiple shapes as it develops from its infancy.

Showcasing Midtown Houston as a cultural arts and entertainment beacon was a key component behind the creation of Midtown Wine Down, and as the event matures, neophyte attendees will gain a greater appreciation for the esoteric splendor that is this burgeoning district.

While you have several weeks to Wine Down with us…you can log on to Midtown Houston to see what’s going on right now.