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Postive Investments in the Midtown Community

When walking among the lush greenery of Bagby Park, or stopping to take a selfie with an inspiring art installation, and even while indulging in a truly amazing culinary experience, visitors of Midtown Houston find themselves asking “how is it such a thriving community?”

Many who reside, work, and play within Midtown Houston often question what a special district means, and why the Midtown Redevelopment Authority or the Midtown Management District was created by lawmakers at the Texas Capitol.

The following short videos produced by Midtown Houston and Ford Momentum breakdown the basics of living and working in a special purpose district.

The first video will provide you with an understanding of “The History of Special Districts,” and explain their unique status and ability to serve you.

Knowing how they started is key to understanding the vital role you play in the neighborhood’s future. In order to fulfill its purpose, Midtown Houston relies on the community to get involved in helping to prioritize projects and implement improvements. In the second video, you’ll grasp how essential “Community Involvement and Best Practices” are for Midtown Houston’s success.

We know Houstonians are always on the move in their busy lives, but we hope you feel a sense of ownership in helping us make Midtown Houston shine. Luckily, you can make an impact in our community simply by signing up for our newsletter. The third and final video titled “Advocacy, Community Ownership, and Leading the Charge,” discusses the degree to which you are willing to invest in your community, and what bright possibilities are to come in the future.

We hope after watching our Community Engagement Curriculum videos that you have a better sense of how important you are to the Midtown Houston. We look forward to working with you, and having your voice for the future heard.