Seniors age with dignity thanks to Midtown Houston

Pride Month 2022 marks one year since the largest LGBTQ+-affirming affordable housing complex for seniors in the nation formally opened at 2222 Cleburne Street in Houston’s Third Ward. Originally part of the Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) affordable housing initiative, the Law Harrington Senior Living Center (LHSLC) is run by the Montrose Center

How is it going?

We checked in with The Montrose Center’s Executive Director Ann Robison for an update on how it is going. “We are full, with a 50-person waitlist,” she reports. 

A few residents left, but it is largely the same tenants from June 24, 2021 when the center officially opened. The stable occupancy rate and long waitlist are proof of the need for affordable housing and wrap-around services for seniors in Houston. 

A place to be me 

Nearly half of all LGBTQ+ seniors have experienced housing discrimination. They are twice as likely to live alone and four times less likely to have children than their non-LGBTQ+ peers, making it difficult to find housing options when aging. They also experience more health and economic disparities compared to other seniors.

Although open to anyone who meets income guidelines and is at least 62 years old, LHSLC offers affordable rents, an on-site health clinic, and other programs and policies to support LGBTQ+ seniors to protect them from discrimination while living their golden years.

A third party is managing LHSLC. Getting on the waitlist requires payment of a $50 application fee. More information is available here or by calling 713-497-5549 or emailing

More affordable housing planned for Third Ward

MRA gave The Montrose Center the land for LHSLC free of charge. The agency also provides land subsidies for other affordable multi- and single-family housing projects in the Third Ward. The Center for Civic and Public Policy Improvement is MRA’s partner in this program. Read more, find out about eligibility, and watch our homebuyer testimonials here.