Support Local Businesses While Honoring Our History

Rossonian Cleaners (1928) / photo by David Bush


Midtown Houston has a strong cultural heritage that is kept alive by the people who now call it home and the historic sites that continue to thrive. One of these is the Rossonian Cleaners building on Almeda Road, a beautiful and historic location. You can support this local business while honoring our history. 

The Historic Almeda Streetscape in Midtown

Almeda Road is a historic streetscape that can be traced back a century ago to what was then a bustling retail pathway. It provided a direct link between Midtown and neighborhoods south of the area a century ago. The name Almeda comes from Almeda, Texas, in Houston, which was founded by Dr. Willis King. His daughter’s name was Almeda King. 

Almeda Road harkens back to a time when the International–Great Northern Railroad kept the area lively and agriculture and lumber were primary economic drivers. Since then, Houston has exploded in size and population, but still these historic locations stand as a reminder of its past. Now, they are sustained and protected by businesses that enjoy pursuing their passions and livelihood amidst meaningful surroundings.   

Supporting the Local Rossonian Cleaners Business

The Rossonian Cleaners building at 3921 Almeda Road was built in 1928 to house Rossonian Cleaners and Tailors. Despite a small addition to the building, it remains largely unchanged and is a source of architectural beauty. You’ll love visiting this gorgeous site with its distinctive black tiles around the doors, eye-catching signs, and brickwork. At the same time, you can directly support a Midtown business by having your dry cleaning and laundry services done there.

This is just one example of how you can support local businesses in the area while also engaging with our community’s history. There are countless examples of culturally rich buildings and areas that have come to house the creativity and ingenuity of locals. You can find a detailed map of Midtown businesses here.