Ten miles of Midtown Houston streets to get facelift

There is exciting news to share with all who live, work, or play in Midtown Houston. The City of Houston and the Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) are joining forces to enhance the road surface of specific streets in our neighborhood. This collaborative effort aligns with the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan. The goal is to smooth the ride and enhance safety while improving the overall experience for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Which streets will be improved?

The Midtown Street Overlay Program was developed based on the city’s pavement condition ratings and public feedback received from the community. In the initial phase of the program, more than seven lane miles of roadway will be milled and overlaid with a smooth asphalt surface as part of an agreement between the city and MRA. City public works crews will do the work. MRA will make a financial contribution of $910,471 to cover the costs of materials, labor, and traffic control.

The streets receiving this much-needed facelift include portions of Berry Street, Dennis Street, Drew Street, Stuart Street, Anita Street, Francis Street, Hadley Street, McIlhenny Street, and Rosalie Street.

Independent of the agreement, another three miles of Midtown roads are getting a new surface as part of the city’s annual neighborhood asphalt overlay program. This work has already begun and includes blocks of Chenevert Street, Francis Street, Holman Street, Mosley Court, Stuart Steet, and Winburn Street.

What is an asphalt overlay?

Asphalt overlay restores paved roads that have deteriorated because of years of wear from traffic and the environment. An overlay adds structural capacity, riding comfort, and skid resistance, enhancing motorist safety, decreasing vehicle maintenance costs, and improving fuel economy. Pavement overlays also help reduce traffic noise, another welcome benefit in an urban environment.

“Our partnership with the city allows us to more efficiently deliver the asphalt overlay improvements to additional areas of Midtown. With these mobility enhancements, there will be less wear and tear on vehicles, enhanced safety, improved aesthetics, and a smoother riding experience for everyone,” said MRA Director of Engineering and Construction Marlon Marshall. “This project demonstrates our commitment to providing quality infrastructure and amenities to make our community an even more attractive destination for residents and businesses alike.”

The paving work anticipated under the agreement will get underway this month and finish within a few weeks. Residents will receive door hangers notifying them of the specific dates. Vehicles usually parked on the street are to be parked in driveways or elsewhere during work hours Monday through Saturday from 7am to 4:30pm. 

Asphalt overlay occurs in two phases. The first step is to remove the old asphalt using a milling process. The spraying of black tar comes next. Finally, the new asphalt gets overlaid on top. The tar is an oily substance that can stick to your vehicle and tires, staining your driveway if you drive through it before the new asphalt goes down, so please observe the “FRESH OIL” signs, and avoid those areas during the project. 

Where can I get more information?

For comments or questions regarding the work, please call 713-843-5483 or email HPWDISPATCHTDO@houstontx.gov. More information is available here