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Why You Should Visit The Eight Foot, Quilt-Inspired Art Sculpture at The Collective


Public art is one of the many ways our Midtown Houston community beautifies the environment while adding cultural value. The Community Artists’ Collective (The Collective) – one of Houston’s most treasured community art spaces –  recently installed a large, colorful sculpture called Quilt Peace in front of the Bermac Art Building at 4101 San Jacinto St.

Midtown Houston is known for its vibrant art scene and historical significance. Artists Gail Mebane, Charles Washington and Michelle Barnes, added to Midtown Houston’s rich artistic fabric by facilitating and designing Quilt Peace. Read on to learn what makes the sculpture so unique and how it’s resonating with quilters in Midtown Houston.

Experience the Wonder of Quilt Peace – A Midtown Houston Public Art Sculpture

Quilt Peace is a tribute to the November 2017 International Quilt Festival at the George R. Brown Convention Center. It was created to connect The Collective’s Jubilee Quilt Circle during the festival. The Jubilee Quilt Circle, one of The Collective’s arts programs, meets twice a week with local quilters, both novice and experienced. This passionate group wanted to demonstrate their connection with quilting to the thousands of convention visitors.

The sculpture itself is awe-inspiring, standing eight feet high, 11 feet wide and six feet deep. It’s a delight to the eyes – merging blue, magenta, orange, yellow and metallic silver in an aesthetically harmonic mix. Designer Michelle Barnes composed the sculpture of powder-coated steel to make it sturdy and lasting.

If you love to stumble upon beauty close to home, you’ll enjoy a trip to admire Quilt Peace. It might even inspire an interest in the art of quilting. The Collective offers quilters lessons and use of their Gammill Statler Stitcher, a longarm quilting machine utilizing computer software and hardware capable of stitching almost any design in greatly reduced time.

For more information about The Jubilee Quilt Circle and The Collective, you can visit www.thecollective.org.

How does art enrich your life in Midtown Houston?