Your Voice Matters in Brazos Street Transformation

Brazos Street, in the heart of our community, is set to undergo a remarkable transformation, and we need your voice to shape its future. The Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) invites those who live, work, and play in Midtown Houston to be the architects of change by participating in the Brazos Street Reconstruction Project Survey.

Why is this crucial?

The new Midtown Parks and Public Space Master Plan identified Brazos Street as a priority for MRA’s capital improvement dollars. The thoroughfare is a vital route for many commuters traveling from Midtown to downtown Houston. Recognizing this significance, MRA is committed to ensuring the roadway is a model of safety and convenience for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists navigating through Midtown. This holistic approach aligns seamlessly with the City of Houston’s Vision Zero and Resilient Houston programs, which encourage place-based solutions that meet the needs of all, no matter their age, income, background, nationality, gender, or physical or mental abilities.

What’s in store?

Beyond road reconstruction, MRA envisions a user-friendly and attractive Brazos Street, drawing inspiration from the successful Bagby Street and Caroline Street projects. There is a preliminary design concept in place based on recommendations from the Midtown Parks and Public Space Master Plan. We are asking the community to help prioritize and refine the project design features. What amenities do cyclists want? How wide should the sidewalks be? Is there a need for more shade and benches? What lighting and parking improvements would be helpful? These are the types of questions we want Midtown residents and business owners to help us answer.

The survey will be available online until March 8. There will be additional public engagement as the project design progresses toward construction in 2025.

Be part of the transformation

As Midtown plans for a brighter, more connected future, let us seize this chance to be active participants in the revitalization of our community. Together, we can transform Brazos Street into a vibrant, accessible, and thriving thoroughfare that reflects the spirit of Midtown. Take the survey and let your vision help drive the evolution of Brazos Street.