Pay Assessment

The Midtown Management District levies an annual assessment on the commercial and residential property owners within the District to provide services and improvements. These services and improvements are in the following areas: public safety, urban planning, service and maintenance, cultural arts and entertainment, marketing, and economic development, capital reserve for infrastructure replacement, and district administration. A published copy of the 10-Year Midtown Management District Service and Improvement Plan and Assessment Plan can be found here.

Every year at the October Board of Directors meeting the Board sets the annual rate of assessment. The assessment rate for the tax year 2023 remained at $0.1181 per $100 valuation for property located in Midtown. This has been the same rate of assessment since 2004.

Important Dates in the Midtown Annual Assessment Cycle are as follows:

  • Levy Date: October 1, 2023 or as soon thereafter as practicable
  • Lien Date: January 1, 2024
  • Due Date: Not later than January 1, 2024
  • Delinquent Date: February 1, 2024, at which time the owner is liable for penalty and interest

For the FY 2022 our assessor collector, Equi-Tax, Inc. reports the following*:

  • Average taxable value for a multi-family property in Midtown was $13,847,262.
  • Average annual assessment for a multi-family property was $ 16,353.62.
  • Average taxable value for a commercial property in Midtown was $2,001,247.
  • Average annual assessment for a commercial property was $ 2,363.47.
  • Average taxable value for a single family residential homesteaded property in Midtown was $283,967.
  • Average annual assessment for a residential homesteaded property was $335.37.

* – Information provided by Equi-Tax, Inc.

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