Service Plan

Approved Service and Improvement Plan (2015 – 2024)


August 2023

The Midtown Buzz is published with the Service and Improvement Plan and Assessment Plan as the lead story. Read it here.

September 2023

FOCUS Groups/ LISTENING Sessions: This is a preliminary inquiry into how to organize and implement what topics are addressed in public information sessions. The purpose serves as a standard investigatory method to identify language, values, and issues that should be addressed with the assessment payors in the District. We intentionally created an opportunity for small, intimate, safe groups focused on each type of assessment payor in the District so that our consultants can help us develop clearer communications and inquiries to the larger groups. The focus groups/ listening sessions do not identify or represent any plans for the new 10-year Service and Improvement Plan.

We will use the information from the Focus Groups/Listening Sessions to inform the Reimagine Midtown Community Survey and methods for input regarding the insights and concerns of all the stakeholders. It is very important that we are intentional about inclusion, intended outcomes, and how we implement this process. Focus Groups/ Listening Sessions are intentionally small so that we can authentically listen and have an opportunity to gain clarification on language and values in a short timeframe.

To prepare for and receive the Reimagine Midtown Community Survey, we urge you to come to a District Board Meeting or review past meeting agendas or minutes, here.

October 2023

In the annual assessment billing, there will be a listing of the regular Midtown Management District Board of Directors meetings for 2024. There will also be a letter with a QR Code link to access the Reimagine Midtown Community Survey. The annual assessment billing is sent via U.S. Post to property owners sometime in mid-October. The Qualtrics survey will be open from October 6 to November 11, 2023. It is specifically for Midtown stakeholders (property owners, business owners, and residents) who have a vested financial interest in the continued success of Midtown. We would prefer that this only be shared to persons who identify as a Midtown stakeholder on social media and in community focused platforms. The Qualtrics-based survey is specifically designed to engage with the Midtown community directly so that stakeholders can shape the trajectory of their neighborhood. Please take the time to participate in the survey.

The Reimagine Midtown Community Survey will be open for your participation through November 11, 2023. UPDATE: as of October 25, 2023, the Reimagine Midtown Community Survey will remain open through Sunday, November 19, 2023.

November/December 2023

Data received from the Midtown Survey will be aggregated to determine stakeholder feedback. The feedback will give the Board of Directors and the community direction for potential goals, objectives, programs, and costs for the next 10- years.

January 2024

The Board of Directors will determine the date and time to release the aggregated data from the survey to the Midtown community.

February 2024

Join us on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 6:00 p.m., for the regularly scheduled quarterly evening Midtown Management District Board of Directors Meeting. There will be ongoing discussions about the projects, programs, and goals the community can implement over the next 10 years.

March 2024

Anticipated release of the Midtown Management District 10-Year Impact Report. Part of the Impact Report will include the aggregated findings from the Reimagine Midtown Community Survey in addition to historical accomplishments. This will be mailed to property owners in Midtown. It will also be made available online.

Anticipated completion of the first draft of the proposed 10-Year Service and Improvement Plan and Assessment Plan (2024-2035) to be presented at the regularly scheduled March Midtown Board of Directors meeting. Receive feedback.

April 2024

Complete the Final Draft of the proposed 10-Year Service and Improvement Plan and Assessment Plan (2024-2035)

May 2024

At the regular quarterly evening Board of Directors meeting:

  • Consider approval of the final draft of the Service and Assessment Plan (2024-2035); and
  • Authorize solicitation of petitions from landowners requesting the services and improvements contained in the final draft Service and Assessment Plan.

Begin to Solicit Petitions – by statute 25 valid signatures of Midtown property owners are required to move forward with continued services and improvements.

August 2024 

Assuming by this date the required number of petitions have been obtained there will be a meeting of the Board of Directors to adopt an Order which will:

  • Accept petitions requesting services and improvements.
  • Set public hearing to consider testimony and receive evidence on the Service and Improvement Plan and Assessment Plan.
  • By Statute, the Board will be required to authorize publication and certified mailing of a notice of a public hearing to assessment payers; and
  • Appoint hearing examiners to hold a public hearing.
  • Publish (Houston Chronicle) and required mailing of (Certified Mail) notice of hearing at least 30 days before hearing.

Preparation for public hearing (30 Days)

September 2024

Public Hearing for the Midtown 10-Year Service and Improvement Plan and Assessment Plan 2024-2035

Hold a meeting of the Board of Directors after the public hearing.

October 2024

  • Receive and adopt hearing examiner’s report and recommendations.
  • Receive any additional testimony in favor of or against the Service and Assessment Plan.
  • Approve any additional exemptions from the assessment.
  • Adopt an Order approving the Service and Assessment Plan and Levying Assessments; and
  • Authorize the assessor/collector to send out assessment bills.

January 31, 2025

Assessments due