Midtown Management District: A Look Back


Want to know how the Midtown Management District came to be? 

Entrusted with the herculean task of preserving Midtown Houston’s history while fostering growth and change, in 1999, Midtown Management District (MMD) was created by the 76th Texas Legislature with the passing of  House Bill 2894. In October 2000, the group set to work to support the revitalization of Midtown Houston alongside Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA).

MMD was designed to reflect the needs and interests of the people who reside in it. For example, Board members of the MMD must be residents, property owners, or agents of property owners and be vetted before being selected. Programs such as public safety and park programming are implemented and monitored by the Board. This work by Midtown Houston staff and the Board  benefits the Midtown Houston community tremendously. 

Other programs include maintaining streetscapes, developing community-based events, or funding public art; MMD has had a transformative effect on this treasured area for two decades. Board members have worked tirelessly to create a safer environment and have advocated for Midtown Houston constituents to have a louder voice in their community.

This active engagement has attracted more residents, businesses, and investments to Midtown Houston, garnered national recognition for public art, and helped to establish the area as a valuable social and cultural resource within the city. It is now the most walkable neighborhood in Houston, an accomplishment that speaks to the power of redevelopment efforts.

Now, after 20 years of service, MMD continues to serve the needs of the Midtown Houston community by supporting neighborhoods with an exceptional quality of life, great park spaces, and strong opportunities for work and investment. Moving forward, MMD recognizes the efforts of Board members past and present, and looks forward to the next 20 years of serving their community.