With a combination of better landscaping, infrastructure and educational tools, Midtown is leading the way in sustainability. Bagby Street Reconstruction is a Greenroads Silver Certified Project—an award given for its credits and ratings to benefit communities and the environment by recognizing sustainable roadway projects and by promoting sustainability education for transportation infrastructure.

Interesting Key Facts

  • The concrete used on Bagby has saved 300 tons of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere. (That’s equivalent to you not driving a car for the next 133 years.)
  • More than 3X the tree canopy overhead
  • On average Bagby Street has 13% cooler temperatures due to increased shade and specific material selection
  • 45% reduction of street crossing distance
  • 42% increase in existing tree growth area and organic soils
  • 3X increase of pedestrian space within the right of way
  • 88% of sidewalks will be shaded when trees reach maturity
  • 38% more seating and gathering places on the street
  • 33% of local storm water captured by rain gardens before it drains into the bayou. Rain gardens remove 75% of bacteria, 73% of phosphorus, 93% of oil and grease and 85% of total suspended solids from storm water before it returns to the bayou.

Midtown is committed to sustainability, and the Bagby Street improvement project illustrates some of the improvements residents, business owners and visitors can expect with future projects. Read more about the Greenroads project


Midtown Recognition:

Federal Transportation Authority (FTA) Grant

Baldwin Park and Glover Park Recognition:

Parks and Natural Areas Award, Houston-Galveston Area Council

Bagby St. Recognition:

Public Works Projects of the Year in Transportation

Healthy Cities for All Award for Active Mobility/Complete Streets

Best Street of the Year

Presidential Award of Excellence in Design and Implementation

Merit Award for Communication

Engineering Excellence Honor Award

Engineering Excellence Gold Award in Special Projects