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1. Iconic Midtown Letters

Few scenes in Midtown Houston are more iconic than the larger-than-life ‘Midtown’ letters standing proud at Bagby Park. To create a stronger sense of place, the MRA Board and staff collaborated with their design team to develop the letters as a signature identity element for Midtown. Rising against the Downtown Houston Skyline backdrop, the Midtown letters make for a classic Instagram post.

2. La Calle Tacos 

Experience outdoor savory Mexican-style bites against a lush green backdrop at La Calle Tacos. You won’t be able to resist their fresh Acapulco-style shrimp ceviche or any of their array of savory tacos and chilaquiles. Plus, they even have vegan options to choose from. You can sip a cup of horchata as you relax on the patio and enjoy the lively surroundings.

For now, La Calle Tacos is open from 10 am until 11 pm. The owners plan to expand hours for early breakfast and late-night tacos gradually. Check out the menu at lacalletacos.com.

3. Dog Park

Dog owners love to bring their pups to the dog park at Bagby because it provides opportunities for both resting and playing. Shaded seating and tables allow pet owners to take a moment to themselves as their dogs exercise. A water fountain adds to the dog park’s serene atmosphere. With over 5,000 square feet of space, your pet will make plenty of new pals.

4. Bocce Ball Court

The bocce ball court at Bagby Park attracts enthusiasts and curious visitors to play outside. Though it currently requires you to bring your own balls, we anticipate enabling you to rent them soon.

5. Native Plants and Eye-Catching Greenery

Bagby Park was designed with the local environment in mind. As such, it features native plants such as whimsical and airy Mexican Feather Grass and its counterpart Muhly Grass, as well as striking red-orange Daylilies and tranquil Bamboo Grass. Shumard Red Oaks provide shade and a feast for the eyes as their leaves turn red in the fall. Mexican Sycamores complement the Shumard Red Oaks with an abundance of leafy green branches.

6. Calming Fountains

Inspired by the serenity and mystery of the backwater bayous of East Texas and Louisiana, the fountains at Bagby Park include reflections that pick up the adjacent trees, buildings, and Midtown letters. The boardwalks were inspired by the docks that cut into the bayous, and every hour on the hour, mist rises from the boardwalk edges, similar to the early morning fog setting on the bayous. 

The vertical waterfalls on the outside are inspired by a calm rain event, with white noise designed to block out some of the street traffic sounds on Gray Street.  At night, the waterfalls are lit up to create a dancing effect.

7. Grass Lawn 

One of our favorite features is the main lawn, a grassy expanse that remains the ideal spot for lounging and relaxing at Bagby Park. Enjoy a lazy outdoor afternoon with a picnic or just relax on a blanket and watch the clouds drift by.

8. Public Restrooms 

Restrooms are open and can be accessed with a key provided by managers at La Calle Tacos.